About Nile Cruise Egypt co.

Who are we?

Nile Cruise Egypt the sole owner of www.nile-cruise-egypt.com was established in the year 1998 in Egypt. Since 2023, it owned and operated By Razzaz Tours (A member of Touresanta Group). Our main office is located in Cairo the capital of Egypt. Keeping strong relation with best suppliers in Egypt we get the best deals for our clients. Please Note: For contact information please visit our contact page.

What is Our Concept?

Nile Cruise Egypt main business is to marketing the Egyptian tourism services to citizens of the foreign countries in the five continents. We try to give the client a "FAIR VALUE" for his money.

Also we try to tailor the package for the client needs. We do not like the "Take It Or Leave It" deals. We think that the client who suffer in his work for the whole year deserve to get what he is looking for Not what he is forced to take.

How do we reduce our travel package costs?

Any travel package has 3 types of costs. the first is the purchasing cost such as Accommodation, Transfer, Guiding, Sightseeing tickets and other things like that.

The second type of costs is the Marketing cost such as Advertising, Promotions, Commissions paid to resellers.

The third type of costs is the Administrative cost such as File opening, Customer services, Fax, Telephones etc...

We tried to cut our costs in order to deliver our client the best value for his money. To reach this goal, several procedures has been taken such as:

A) For the first type of costs, we purchase our travel package from different tour operators in Egypt who can supply us the best quality and the lowest price.

B) For the second type of costs, we sale directly to the client so we eliminate most of the Marketing cost and all commissions paid to foreign travel agents (some of them double and even triple the price).

C) For the third type of costs, we use the latest technologies such as Internet, Email contact, Computer filing etc... which helped us to give our client the best customer services before they come to Egypt, and also during their stay in Egypt.