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Nile Cruise Egypt list by category, Nile Cruise and Cairo Package, Egypt Daily Tours and a list of Nile Cruise Price. Nile Cruise Egypt are classifed From budget freindly Nile Cruises to the Ultra Luxury Nile Cruises Nile Cruises. The Price of Nile Cruise Egypt starts from only 90 USD Per Person per Night to more than 900 USD Per Person per Night depending on the Cruise that you select. There are all types of Nile Cruises, the Fancy Boats, Historical Boats, Moderate Boats, Small Boats, Large Boats, Boats with Balconies, All Suites Boats. Nile Cruise Egypt Hot Deal Offers. 3 Nights, 4 Nights and 7 Nights Nile Cruise packages. etc...Read More Nile Cruise Egypt is a unique experience that you will never find it anywhere in the world. Sailing in the Nile River is the Best Way to explore the ancient Egyptian History. Egypt Nile Cruises operate between the famous City of Luxor and the Golden City of Aswan.There are a lot of attractive Sites in Luxor, Aswan and between them. When You take a Nile River Cruise and you go back 5000 Years in the Human History to discover how great was the ancient Egyptian civilization and let you wonder how they built such a great monument without any help of the current modern tools....Discover our Nile Cruise Best Hot Deals, The Highest Discounts on the Net and Get Free Bonus Trips. Save Money and see more during your Visit to Egypt. You will explore a lot of hidden stories about the kings and queens of Egypt to realize how powerful they were.

Also, you will find that the Egyptian Queens have a great role in ancient Egypt. Queen Hatshepsut for example was very powerful as she built her temple in Valley of the Kings not Valley of the Queens.

Nile Cruise give you the chance to visit the must seen sites such as Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Colossi's of Memnon, Luxor Temple (The Largest Outdoor Museum), Karnak Temple (The Largest Warship Temple in the World), Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, Philae Temple and if you want to go deep, you will have the chance to visit Abu Simbel Temples one of the most iconic Temples in the World.
3 Nights Nile Cruise Aswan Luxor itinerary

Aswan Luxor Nile Cruise
(3 Nights)

Price From: 200 USD

Click here for more details ... The 3 Nights Program normaly is from Aswan to Luxor. Very Few cruises make the trip 3 Nights from Luxor to Aswan.
4 Nights Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan itinerary

Luxor Aswan Nile Cruise
(4 Nights)

Price From: 250 USD

Click here for more details ... The 4 Nights is normaly from Luxor to Aswan and this is the most suitable program for the first time on Nile Cruise.
7 Nights Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan Luxor itinerary

Luxor / Luxor Nile Cruise
(7 Nights)

Price From: 450 USD

Click here for more details ... The 7 Nights Nile Cruise Program is most suitable for people who wants to relax and do not want to make a lot of tours every day.
Nile Cruise Hot Deals

Nile Cruise Hot Deals

Free Bonus Trips + Up to 35% Discount

Click here for more details ... Discover our Nile Cruise Best Hot Deals, The Highest Discounts on the Net and Get Free Bonus Trips. Save Money and see more during your Visit to Egypt.
Cairo and Nile Cruise Package

Cairo and Nile Cruise Package

7 Nights Package From Only 849 USD

Click here for more details ... The Classical must Seen Package for a first Time Visit to Egypt. You Can Visit Cairo Pyramids and Egyptian Museum then sail along the Nile with the mighty Nile Cruise with a lot of tours.
Egypt Daily Tours

Egypt Daily Tours

Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel

Click here for more details ... Whether you are looking to vsit the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, The Karnak and Valley of the Kings in Luxor, The Philae Temple in Aswan or Abu Simbel Temples.
Other Important Information About Nile Cruises
What are the Difference between Nile Cruise Classes?
The Pricing System of Nile Cruises has too many facrtors such as if the cruise is a known international Brand it will be more expensive. Also the services on Board play a key factor of their price. You have to know is included in the price what is not. However, you must know the pricing system of Nile Cruises in order to be able to determine the fair value of any offer you get.
What are the Cruise Food And Beverage look like?
Most of the Cruises offer Full Board Basis (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner). Very Few Ultra Luxury Cruises Offer (A La Carte) or All Inclusive Basis (Full Board + Beverages). The Variaty and the Quality of the food is different from Cruise to Cruise. Do Not Expect Expensive Food in a Cheap Nile Cruise
What To Wear (Dress Code) during my Nile Cruise trip?
Please be carfull that not all types of dresses are suitable for a Nile Cruise trip or even for the whole Egypt trip. During Meals, casula wear is accepted, swimming suits are not. During Tours, cotton wear are recommended, synthetic are not.
What are the Entertainments On Board Nile Cruises?
Everyday, there will be different type of entertainment on board Nile Cruises such as Discotheque, Belly Dance Show, fancy Galabia Party and Nubian Folkloric Show
How Much are the Gratuites And Tips?
On Average there are about 50 to 70 people working in a Nile Cruise. The Guest see only 5 or 7 perosn of the crew. So it is unfair to give tips to people that you see and forget other people. That's why there is a rule in all Nile Cruises that Guest should not pay any tips for anyone during the Trip. All Tips must be given at the end of your trip. You put your tips in an envelope and write the amount on the back then leave it at the Reception of your Nile Cruise. All Tips will be collected from clients and divided to the whole Cruise Staff. This is a Fair solution for everyone.
What is the Check In Time and the Check Out Time for Nile Cruises?
Normaly the check in time is at 11:00 AM Before Lunch. However Most of the Flights come very early in Morning. So if your Cabin is free they will give you the cabin immediatly. If there is no place you will have till Normal check in time. In order to avoid this problem we highly recommend that you start your tours directly after coming from Airport or Train Station. By this way you will benefit from your time, make the tours before it come too hot and you will check in in the normal time so you will be sure that your cabin is ready for you.
Where will be the Embarkation Place and on which Days the Nile Cruises Operate?
There are more than 300 Nile Cruise in Egypt. So if you try to find your Nile Cruise by yourself at the Marina in Luxor or Aswan it will be as finding a Specific Monkey in a Huge Jungle. So We highly recommend that you Arrange the pickup from Airport / Train Station / Bus Station to your Nile Cruise before your Arrival.
What will be the Weather During my Nile Cruise Trip?
In all seasons the sun is extremely strong. In the less oppressive months, especially when there is a breeze, it may not be apparent how strong the sun really is. A high factor sun block is recommended all year round
Where is Egypt located?
Egypt is in the center of the Habitant World. So, that make it a passage for the travelers from East to West, From West to East, From North to South and From South to North. So, it was the road, the market and the place where all civilizations meet.
Where can I find River Nile Map?
As the longest River on Earth, The Nile River was the most valuable link between Egypt and Africa. The Nile River come from the deep South of East Africa till it reach the Mediterranean Sea in the North of Egypt.
What are the recommendation for my Egypt Touring Plans?
When you plan to visit Egypt there are some key factors that you must make sure that you included in your plan in order not to have any bad surprises while you are visiting Egypt. How long are you going to spend in Egypt?