Terms, Conditions & Booking Contract

The purchase of any of our travel services constitutes a contractual agreement and implies your acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below. We mean by the term "Our Company" herein in this agreement, Nile Cruise Egypt Co. the sole owner of www.nile-cruise-egypt.com Please make sure that you have carefully read and understood these terms and conditions before making your reservation. This Contract supercede any previous contract.

Package advance Deposit

The travel package price must be paid at the final payment due date. Otherwise the client can make a deposit and benefit from PRICE & AVAILABILITY GUARANTEE or PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT MADE for Early Booking.
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Final Paymnent

Final payment of 100% of the travel package price must be received at least 45 days prior to arrival date in order to be able to confirm your package and pay to our tour operators. For reservations placed within 45 days or less prior to tour date a non-refundable rush booking fee of $25 per booking will be charged.
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Remaining Payment Upon Arrival

In case if there is any Remaining Payment which should be paid upon arrival, The Client agree to make this Payment or The Package will be canceled automatically and any deposit will be considered as NON REFUNDABLE.
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Cancelation Charges

The Cancellation charge may be applicable on the following bases:

60 days to 46 before arrival 15% of total price.
45 days to 31 before arrival 25% of total price.
30 days to 16 before arrival 50% of total price.
15 days to arrival day 100% of total price.
In case of NO SHOW a 100% of total price.

For Peak Periods Christmas & New Year & Easter:

90 days to 61 before arrival 25% of total price.
60 days to 31 before arrival 50% of total price.
30 days to arrival day 100% of total price.

Please Note:

- In some cases a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT or NONE REFUNDABLE FULL PAYMENT is required in order to guarantee the space in some cruises or for some flights regardless the date of booking. If this is the case, The NONE REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OR NONE REFUNDABLE FULL PAYMENT is applied regardless the cancelation date or booking Date.


A client made a booking on May 1st for a cruise that start on October 1st.
The cruise required a 50% NONE REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.
The Client canceled his booking on June 1st (4 Months before the Cruise Date).
The 50% Cancelation Fees will be applied regardless the booking date, cancelation date or the cruise date.

- The cancellation charge is a liquid damage to compensate the Tour Operator for prepayments made on advance booking of travel services and for administrative cost involved in processing a cancellation and is genuine estimate thereof and is not a penalty.
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Cancelation of a Booking

Please Note: (Very Important)

- Usually The Cruise Voucher, Flights Tickets and any other sort of service vouvher are Issued 15 Days before the package starting Date. However If the Client ask to Issue the Voucher and send it to him the Payment will be None Refundable / None Cancelable regardless the Other Booking Terms and Conditions.

In Case that the Voucher(s) has/have not been Issued

- A 25% NON REFUNDABLE Charge + The Percentage of the Normal Cancelation Fees corresponding to the Date of Cancelation will be deducted from the Amount Paid.


If a Client made a Booking 6 Months in Advance of an Invoice valued 1000 USD and got 30% Discount on that Amount. So he will pay only 700 USD.

If he want to cancel his reservation 50 Days before the Package Starting Date the Cancelation Charge will be as Follows:

Non Refundable Charges: 25%
50 Days Cancelation Charge: 15%
Total Cancelation Charges: 25% + 15% = 40%
Amount to be Deducted: 700 USD x 40% = 280 USD
Amount to be Refunded: 700 USD - 280 USD = 420 USD

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Refund Process

Any Refund will be made in a Maximum of 30 Days Starting from Confirmed Cancelation.
The Refund delay is due to give time to collect back the refund from the Nile Cruises which take some time but it is guranteed not to exceed 30 Days Period.

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Unused Services

Our company is not responsible for any unused portions of your tours and cannot refund any monies.
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Errors and Mistakes

Despite we try to ensure the most accuracy in our Invoices and Vouchers but Mistakes could happen. In case of a Mistake the Following Rules will be applied.

Mistakes could be one of the Following:

A- Mistake in Calculation result of Overpayment from The Client Side.
If this is The Case, Our Company Will pay The Excess in Payment paid by the client Upon Arrival.

Example: The Cost of the Package is 1000 US$ but the Invoice was Issued with the amount of 1050 US$ and the client already paid it.
So there is a surplus of 50 US$ in the Invoice. Our Company will Refund the escess amount upon Arrival to Egypt.

B- Mistake in Calculation result of uderpayment from The Client Side.
If this is The Case, Our Company Will give the client the choice of a Full Refund of his already made payment and cancel the booking or to pay The shortage in Payment to correct the Mistake and continue with his booking.

Example: The Cost of the Package is 1000 US$ but the Invoice was Issued with the amount of 950 US$ and the client already paid it.
So there is a shortage of 50 US$ in the Invoice. The client has to choose either he pay the shortage of 50 US$ caused by the Mistake in the Invoice or get his already made payment and cancel his booking.

C- Mistake in Typing of the Discription of the package or an Item in the Package.
If this is the Case the Mistake will be corrected Immediately and the client will be informed.
If he don’t accept the corection a Full Refund will be made to the Client and the Booking will be canceled without any penalties.

Example: The Agent wrote that the Hotel is 4 Stars but in Fact the Hotel is 3 Stars.
If this the Case the Client will be informed Immediately and will be given the choice to Accept the correction or to get a Full Refund and cancel the reservation.

D- Mistake of Non Enclusure.
If this is the Case the Item that has been forgoten will be added to the Package immediately if it is already paid.If it is not paid yet. The Client will be given the choice to add it or to leave it.

Example: The Client asked for an extra trip to Abu Simbel but the Invoice do not mention this Trip.
If the client alerady paid the Abu Simbel Trip it will be added Immediately and the client will be informed.
If it is not paid yet the client will be given the choice to add it and pay for it or to cancel the Trip.
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Client Changes to a Booking

A passenger wishing to make a change to their booking must notify our company immediately. An administration charge of $25 per booking can be levied. If cancellation by one or more persons of your group alters the room category, the remaining passenger(s) must assume the difference.

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Our Changes to a Booking

Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control we may have to change your travel package arrangement. We will advise you as early as possible. However, Our company cannot be held responsible for changes initiated by airlines, coach companies, hotels, transfer operators, or other independent parties who have been contracted for services you have purchased. If confirmed goods or services are no longer available prior to the arrival date, our company reserves the right to substitute them for comparables goods or services. In the event of a cancellation by our company, liability of our company shall be limited to the reimbursement of the price of goods or services paid by the client.

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Package Rate

Prices are quoted in American dollars (US $) unless otherwise indicated. Tour prices quoted does Not include the Costs of obtaining passport or visas, excess baggage fees, personal expenses such as travel insurance, laundry, and room service, alcoholic or other beverages are not included with the meals, gratuities to Egyptologist-escort, communication charges, local airport charges and taxes, any airfares unless specifically noted in the itinerary, sightseeing or meals not included in the itinerary, services not mentioned in the tours and any other items of a personal nature. All information and pictures contained in our site have been checked for accuracy, but shall not be construed as part of this contract. If an error occurs, the final word shall be that of the Tour Operator. Our company reserves the right to increase or decrease published prices without prior notice. Several factors may influence the fares, including but not limited to an increase of government imposed taxes, transportation related fees or surcharges including those for fuel or currency fluctuations. In this Case Nile-Cruise-Egypt.com reserve the right to ask the client for a supplement to cover the New Cost such as (But Not Limited To) New Taxes or Higher Fuel Prices even if the client already paid his package cost in the old prices..

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Children Policy

Children Under 2 years old will be Free for Accommodation sharing parent room for a maximum one Child. And they will be charged only 10% of domestic air Fare.

Children between 2 / 12 years old will be charge with 50% of total Accommodation as an adult (50% of Adult in Single Rate) and 67% of Domestic Air Fare.

Children over 12 years old will be charge as an adult person.

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The followings are the terms we use and their respective meanings.

Double: Based on sharing twin or doubled bedded rooms.
Single: Based on single bed room.
Triple: Based on triple bedded room.

Please Note: Our company reserve the right to substitute Hotels and / or Nile Cruises of similar quality if Hotel and / or Nile Cruises mentioned is not available.

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As specifically indicated in each tour. No other meals included. Please refers to the detailed itinerary of your travel package for more information about the everyday meals.

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Sightseeing & Tours

Tours will be by seat in air-conditioned car basis or by air-conditioned motor- coach with bilingual speaking guides. All entrance fees, taxes and charges are included.

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All transfers between airport and hotels and / or Nile Cruises are Not included in the Package Cost. Excess baggage charges must be pay by the passenger.

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Travel Documents

It is the full responsibility and expense of the client to obtain all documents required by all relevant government authorities. Client failing to provide the required documents may be denied boarding privileges by the carrier or relevant authorities, without further recourse of the possibility of a refund. No refund or replacement will be given for lost or stolen travel documents.

Please Note: For American, Canadian, Japanese , European Union Citizens and some other nationalities can obtain a tourist entry visa when they come to Egypt at any Egyptian border. Please verify with the Egyptian Embassy in your home country.

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Travel Insurance

We recommend that all passengers purchase travel insurance at time of booking as a measure of added protection. Our company is not responsible or liable for loss, damage, theft of luggage and/or personal belongings or for personal injury, accidents and or illness. For your own protection, it is important that you have, or purchase, adequate insurance to cover these eventualities. Your insurance agent and/or travel agent can arrange this for you.

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Client Responsability

Clients are responsible for advising our company of their intentions, goals, motives, expectations and needs, as they relate to the proposed travel package, before the reservation is completed.

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Our Responsability

Our company and its affiliates act only as agents for the passenger with respect to services provided by others. In many cases, suppliers of tour services are independent contractors to our company, not its employees. Including but not limited to independent ground operators, tour guides, hotels, transportation companies, drivers, airlines, and other suppliers. Because we do not own, operate, manage, control, or supervise these entities, we cannot be liable for any acts or omissions, including any negligence, gross negligence, or reckless or willful acts, on their part. Our company, its owners, agents, directors, shareholders, and employees assume no responsibility for any injury, loss, damage, delay, or death to person or property arising from the negligent or willful act or failure to act of any person who is to or does provide goods or services for this trip or for the action or inaction of any other third party. Without limitation, Our company is not responsible for acts of God, dangerous incidents of the rivers, lakes, fire, equipment failures, vehicle accidents, illness from food or otherwise, detention, assaults, theft or criminal activity, annoyance, delays, quarantine, strikes, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, terrorism, government restrictions or regulations, and discrepancies or changes in transit or hotel services over which it has no control. Reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made where deemed advisable for the comfort and well being of the passengers. The right is reserved to substitute hotels, alter the itinerary, and reverse the order of places to be visited. You will be informed of any necessary changes in a timely fashion. Our company can accept no responsibility for loss or additional expenses due to delay or changes in schedules or other causes. The tour operator and its agents reserve the right to refuse to accept or retain any person as a member of the tour. The right is reserved to withdraw any or all tours or portion thereof. Baggage is at owners risk entirely. The liability of air carrier for loss, delay or damage is limited to their liability as common air carriers. Air carrier assume no liability for fragile or perishable articles

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Problem Handling

If you have any queries or problems, please raise them with your tour guide and the hotel management immediately. Do not leave your complaint until your return home!. If they fall to resolve your problem please contact Customer Care Department in our Cairo Office. It works 24 hour / day, 7 day/week. They will try hard to make you comfortable. Upon your return, please send us an email or a letter outlining the details of your concerns.

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