Egypt Daily Tours

What are the Most important Egypt Daily Tours? Egypt civilization is one of the oldest in the world. In fact, Egypt is the first established state in the world's history. There are monuments from the old eras everywhere in Egypt. If a tourist wants to cover all the ancient places in Egypt, he has to stay years and years and he will never cover all of them. However, for a short trip to Egypt there are some cities which will give a tourist a brief idea about Egypt history. The first one is Cairo where you must visit the Pyramids of Egypt, The old Capital of Memphis, The first Pyramid in Egypt at Sakkara, the great Egyptian Museum and so on. The second city that you cannot come to Egypt without visiting is Luxor City where the Great Temples of Karnak, The Valley of The Kings and Queens, The Nobles Tombs and hundreds of old sightseeing. Also, if you have time you must spend some days at Aswan City which considered as the Gate of Egypt to the African continent. The Nile in Aswan is magical where you can travel in the time by an old Felucca Boat. In Aswan you will explore the Nubian culture and the Nubian history which is very different than the Egyptian one.
Cairo Day Tours

Cairo Daily Tours

Pyramids, Museum, Sakkara, Coptic Cairo, Khan El Khalili, Sound & Light etc...

Click here for more details ... Cairo is the gate of Egypt. It has the Pyramids, Sakkara, memphis and Egyptian Museum. If you are interested in the city itself you can pay a visit to Khan El Khalili Market etc..
Luxor Day Tours

Luxor Daily Tours

Valley of The Kings, Karnak and Luxor Temples, Hot Air Balloon, Sound & Light etc..

Click here for more details ... Luxor has two third of the world monuments. If you want to see all Luxor Sites you have to stay at least six months there. From the major sightseeing to the open and close museums etc..
Aswan Day Tours

Aswan Daily Tours

Abu Simbel Temples, Nubian Village, Nubian Museum, Philae Temple, Sound & Light etc..

Click here for more details ... Visit Philae Temple and the High Dam, live the Nubian life at the Nubian Village, explore the Nubian museum, Attend the Sound and Light Show or Visit the Famous Abu Simbel Temples etc..