Tour To Dendera And Abydos

You can Visit Dendera and Abydos By Car. It is a Full Day Trip. You head North from Luxor to Abydos Temple then you Visit Dendera in the way Back. Dendera is a huge Complex that is has an area more than 40000 square meters and it contain a lot of ancient sites such as Hathor Temple, Isis Temple, Sacred Lake, Sanatorium, series of mastaba tombs and a lot of other things. The most famous site in Dendera is Hathor temple. This temple has been modified on the same site starting as far back as the Middle Kingdom and continuing right up until the time of the Roman era. The existing structure began construction in the late Ptolemaic period, and the hypostyle hall was built in the Roman period. Another famous place in Dendera Complex is the Dendera zodiac. The Zodiac is a widely known by its relief made in a late Greco-Roman temple, containing images of Taurus (the bull) and the Libra (the balance).

Abydos Temple is Considered as one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt, the sacred city of Abydos was the site of many ancient temples, including the royal necropolis where early pharaohs were entombed. These tombs began to be seen as extremely significant burials and in later times it became desirable to be buried in the area, leading to the growth of the town's importance as a cult site. Once upon time, Abydos was occupied by the rulers of the Predynastic period, whose town, temple and tombs have been found there. The temple and town continued to be rebuilt at intervals down to the times of the Thirtieth Dynasty, and the cemetery was in continuous use. The pharaohs of the First Dynasty were buried in Abydos, including Narmer, who is regarded as the founder of the First Dynasty, and his successor, Aha It was in this time period that the Abydos boats were constructed. Some pharaohs of the Second Dynasty were also buried in Abydos. The temple was renewed and enlarged by these pharaohs as well. Funerary enclosures, misinterpreted in modern times as great 'forts', were built on the desert behind the town by three kings of the Second Dynasty; the most complete is that of Khasekhemwy.

Dendara Temple

What Included / What Excluded

Included in the Tour Price:

* Pick up services from your hotel & return
* All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle
* Private Egyptologist guide
* Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites
* Bottled water during your trip.
* All taxes & service charge

Excluded From the Tour Price:

* Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary
* Tipping

Pick up from Hotel or Airprot:

* In case of pick up from or Drop at Luxor Airport there will be a supplement 50$ per Car Per Way.
* In case of pick up from or Drop at Luxor West Bank there will be a supplement 10$ per person.

Dendera Hathor Temple

Tour Rates in USD

Solo Traveler 175 USD Per Person
2 Persons 100 USD Per Person
3 Persons 85 USD Per Person
4 Persons 75 USD Per Person
5 Persons 70 USD Per Person
6 Persons 60 USD Per Person
Child up to 5.99 Years Old Free of Charge
Child From 6 to 11.99 Years Old 50% of Adult Rate
Child More than 12 Years Old Same as Adult Rate

How Tour Price is Calculated

Prices are calculated based on Entrance Fees, Fuel Price and local taxes at June 30, 2020. Any increase in Entrance Fees, Fuel Price or local taxes will be reflected on any unpaid tour immediately. However any pre-paid tour will not be affected by the change of rates. We highly recommend that you book your tours in advance to be protected from price fluctuation.

Abydos Temple

Tour Discription

Duration: 4 Hours
Starting Point: Your Hotel or Your Nile Cruise at Luxor
Ending Point: Your Hotel or Your Nile Cruise at Luxor

Your tour Guide will meet you at your hotel or your Nile Cruise at Luxor then escort you with Private Air-conditioned Tourism Car to Abydos Temple at the North of Luxor. You will visit Abydos Temple which considered one of the most importan site in Old Egypt. After finishing the tour at Abydos you will continue to Dendera to visit the Huge Complex there. You will spend there from 6 to 8 hours exploring Abydos and Dendera with your Guide then you return to Luxor City.