Oonas II Nile Cruise Rates, Quick Facts & Review

Oonas II Nile Cruise Review

Oonas II Nile Cruise has an Official Rating of 4 Stars. In our Rating, we consider it as Cheap Nile Cruise in Egyptian Standards. There are 1 Cabins on board the cruise. The Average Cabin Size is 16 Square Meter. Some Cabins are at the Lower Deck. Each Cabin of the Oonas II Nile Cruise has a Large Window

Oonas II Nile Cruise Description

Oonas II Nile Cruise From OutsideOonas II Nile Cruise facilities

Oonas II Nile Cruise Rates in USD

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Oonas II Nile Cruise Quick Facts

Official Rating 4 Stars
Our Rating Cheap Nile Cruise
Number of Cabins 1 Cabin
Average Cabin Size 16 Square Meter
Lower Deck Cabins? Yes. Some Cabins
Cabin has Balcony? No. Only Large Window
*Official Rating is the Rating obtained from the Egyptian Tourism Authority.
*Average Cabin Size include Bathroom
*Check in: At 12:00 Noon / *Check Out: At 9:00 AM
*Available Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian & Arabic
*Oonas II Nile Cruise could be Totatly chartered or Out of Service for Maintenance in some Dates.
Oonas II Nile Cruise facilitiesOonas II Nile Cruise facilities

Oonas II Nile Cruise Children Policy

Baby Below 2 Years Old Free of Charge
Child 2 to 12 Years Old 50% of Adult Rate
Child 12 Years Old or More Full Adult Rate
Maximum Number of Children in Cabin 1 Child Sharing 2 Adults
2 Children Sharing 1 Adult
2 Children in Separate Cabin Same Rate as 1 Adult in Single Cabin
1 Child and 1 Adult in One Cabin Same Rate as 2 Adults in Double Cabin
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