Nile Cruise Check In Time - Nile Cruise Check Out Time

There are some quite common questions that most of Nile Cruise travelers ask, such as: - My flight will come early in the morning. Can I check in directly to my Nile Cruise or will I have to wait some time? I will come In the afternoon or late in night the first day. Can I check in to my Nile Cruise or will I miss it.? When do the tours starts on the first Day and when will it finish the last Day?

What are The Check In / Check Out Time? When do The Tours normally Starts?

Nile Cruises Check In Time:
Normally the check in time is at 11:00 AM Before Lunch. However, Most of the Flights come very early in Morning. So, if your Cabin is free, they will give it to you immediately. If there is no available cabin in this time, you will have to wait till Normal check in time or till a cabin is available. In order to avoid this problem, we highly recommend that you start your tours directly after coming from Airport or Train Station. By this way you will benefit from your time, make the tours before it come too hot and you will check in in the normal time so you will be sure that your cabin is ready for you.
Sometimes, you cannot find a flight in the morning or you cannot come early the first day. So, you will be obliged to get a late flight in the afternoon or at Night. In this case, we highly recommend that you give us a note about your flight as some cruises leave the first day so will can miss your cruise or you can miss some tours of the first day in the cruise program.

Nile Cruises Check Out Time:
The Majority of Nile Cruise Check Out Time is at 8:00 or 9:00 AM Just After Breakfast. They must clean the cabins before other guests come to check in at 11:00 AM. However, if your Flight or Train is in the Afternoon or by Night you can still use the Cruise Facilities but Not the Cabin or the Restaurant. Also, you can leave your bags at the Cruise and take a walk in the city or make some optional tours. In Normal cases you would finish all your tours the Day before the last day unless your Guide tell you another schedule.