Where is Egypt Located

Where is Egypt Located on the Map and how its location played a major role to make it the joelle of the Crown of the Ancient World etc...

Egypt is Located in the Center of the World

Where is Egypt Do you know where is Egypt Located? Egypt the oldest known civilization on earth which is famous with its old sites and monuments. Who do not know the Pyramids of Egypt which still a mystery of itself as till now with all our modern current technologies we still do not know how the ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza? Did you hear about King Tut Ankh Amount Mask? I bet you did. Did you know that despite the enormous treasure founded in his tomb, he is not considered as a famous Pharos and he died very young comparing to other kings. Did you know that Egypt is the oldest State on Earth and that it has a government since more than 7000 Years ago? And here comes the logical question which is why Egypt? What is unique about Egypt to make it as famous as it? The short answer is “Egypt Location”.
Yes. Egypt Location played a huge role to make it the Joelle of the Crown of the old History. If you see Egypt on the Map. You will notice that Egypt is in the center of the Habitant World. So, that make it a passage for the travelers from East to West, From West to East, From North to South and From South to North. So, it was the road, the market and the place where all civilizations meet. As Egypt is located at the Mediterranean Sea from the North, the old Europeans came threw the Boats to Egypt. As the River Nile head from South and deep Africa to North separating Egypt in 2 Banks (The East Bank and the West Bank) till it reach the Mediterranean Sea. By this way, the Old Africans came also by boats to Egypt. From the East, the old civilization come from Babylon threw Sinai Peninsula to land on the river Nile. As well as the Sahara habitants came to Egypt threw the Great Desert at the West to Egypt.
From the above you will notice that Egypt became a trade point for the whole world and that opened the doors to all people from all areas of the ancient world to come to Egypt to sell and buy goods and return home. Not only that, but some of them decided to stay permanently in Egypt. So, the location of Egypt in the center of the Land Area of the World make it the place where everyone dreams to visit and by this way the reaction between different civilization enriched Egypt as Well.