Differences Between Nile Cruises

Nile Cruises have official Local rating from 2 to 5 Stars. But, in reality the official rating does not reflect the actual cruise condition. In fact, there are a lot of differences between Nile Cruises even in the same official rating such as The Cruise Facilities, The Cruise Cabins, The Food and Beverage how old is the cruise etc...

Official Nile Cruise Classes Giving by The Government

Nile Cruises in Egypt are officially categorized to 2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars, 4 Stars+, 5 Stars and 5 Stars+. But This is NOT a good way to measure the quality of the Cruise. You can find two Nile Cruises with the same Official Rating but with great differences between them. That is why we did not relay on the Official Rating when we categorized the Nile Cruises. The Majority of the Nile Cruises are 5 Stars right now in Egypt. Most of the Old 2, 3 and 4 Stars are in renovation phase to be 5 Stars. So, it so difficult to find a cheap Nile Cruise is some dates.

So, how to determine the actual condition of a Nile Cruise?

This is a difficult question and the one who answer it must have a broad experience about all Nile Cruises in Egypt. In fact, all cruises pretend to be the best on the Nile. But is this real? So, when we have categorized the Nile Cruises In our own classes, we asked some questions before we Rate any Nile cruise such as:

What are The Cruise Facilities?
How Old is the Cruise? When was the last time that the cruise has been renovated? Is it maintained regularly? Does the Cruise have special Features such as Sauna, GEM, Library etc...? What about the Swimming Pool? Is it large enough? What about the Entertainment onboard?

What about the Cabins onboard the Cruise?
What is the average size of the Cabin? Does the Cabins have an outside Balcony, Inside Balcony or just a Large Window?
What are the features of the Cabins? Do the Cruises have Guest Cabins in Lower Deck or All Cabins are on the Main and Upper Deck?

How good is the Food and Beverage served onboard?
Does the Restaurant accommodate all clients or some of the clients must wait till to take a seat? Does the Meals are on Open Buffet Basis or Set Menu? Does the Meals are good in quality, has a variety of Food (Such as Meat, Salads, Sea Food, Vegetarian Food etc...)?

We try our best to give an honest opinion about the cruises. But to have an opinion about more than 300 Nile Cruise is a difficult job. We do our best to give you the most recent information that we have in hand.

So, when a Cruise is renovated, we try to update its Page as soon as we can. However, this cannot be done without the cooperation with the cruise management. For example, we cannot put The Cruise New Photos or Information in our web site unless it is provided by the Cruise Management.

For Independent Reviews about Nile Cruises please refere to www.tripadvisor.com