Weather During Nile Cruise Trip

Information about What is the weather look like during different months in upper Egypt in order to aware of what clothes to bring with you during your Nile Cruise trip.

What Would Be The Weather Look Like During My Nile Cruise Trip?

The Sun:
In all seasons the sun is extremely strong. In the less oppressive months, especially when there is a breeze, it may not be apparent how strong the sun really is. A high factor sun block is recommended all year round.

The Rain: Some say that it never rains. But in fact it rains even if it is just once or twice per year. The rain is fairly brief and it dries out again very quickly. The rainfall can be heavy but it is usually not enough to measure.

The Temperature: There is some variation in temperature through the year. July and August are the hottest. Winter months, December to February, are the least oppressive and can even get chilly at night. March and November would suit most people best.

Temperature in Luxor Egypt